Our business philosophy

Principles of sustainability

Regional approach

At the Goldener Hirsch (GH) you will only find products from Schleswig-Holstein and neighbouring federal states from within a radius of no more than 200 km. Only a few products come from further afield, all of them are certified fair trade products.

Our products are hand-crafted

GH prides itself on offering a product range fully hand-crafted by small and very small businesses. These products are made to a professional craftsmanship standard, they are durable and offer high usability; a few are regional luxury class food products. Purely decorative articles are only a sideline.

Sustainable processes

GH co-operates exclusively with manufacturers using uncontaminated raw materials – some of which are certified organic – preferably sourced regionally or from European countries. Many of these small businesses rely on eco-power, public transport, using bicycles for short distances. They go easy on resources, widely avoiding waste or producing no waste at all and they forgo any use of plastic.

Our sustainability policy does not stop at the sales counter: For wrappings we recycle used or discarded paper provided by the arts and crafts manufacturers or neighbouring businesses. The same applies to our carrying bags. Ribbons for gift wraps are made of fabric torn into strips; greeting card sleeves are a cornflour product - to name but a few examples.

Fair co-operation

GH sales staff and crafts representatives on site will be happy to put customers in contact with individual arts and crafts product manufacturers if requested, thus facilitating bespoke product manufacturing and best possible advice. Photographs on the shelves provide information on the manufacturer, what the product is made of as well as the sources of raw materials used. The sales approach at GH is based on advising our customers instead of pushing for a sale at any cost.

For us, it is also of immense importance how the internal and external GH partners interact. Various digital and web-based tools provide for a tight exchange of information, including all involved in the information loop on events and developments and making them part of the decision making process.

Long-term co-operation

The Goldener Hirsch forms a network of long-term relationships between manufacturers and other suppliers as well as customers. Interacting openly is not only fair; it is prerequisite for any long-term co-operation on an equal footing. As a result of this approach, there is very little manufacturer turnover at GH.

Objectives and outlook

The Goldener Hirsch is more than a static “arts and crafts market”. Personal interaction and comprehensive information enhances regional product awareness and our fair trade philosophy, possibly inspiring a more sustainable choice in life and work in turn.

Live demonstrations and presentations on raw materials, their processing and use in the manufacturing process support our sales approach. Small group events teach practical skills, eg how to sew, weave, spin etc. Such information and skills presentations are meant to further the understanding of manual techniques and make them more accessible to the general public. All the more, these actions aim at changing the perception of the arts and crafts manufacturing process, raising the esteem for regional hand-crafted and therefore sustainable products.


Creating something new while preserving old traditions

Years ago this had been the motto of the former pharmacy “Hirsch-Apotheke”. And without doubt, it also applies perfectly to our concept store Goldener Hirsch. We have retained many features of the old pharmacy, for instance the shelves, a length of the old sales counter, its wrought iron railing and even the aquarium in the shop window well known beyond Lübeck’ s borders. Even the old pharmacy laboratory has found its way into our hearts, almost as much as the tiny garden at the back.

We feel that the Goldener Hirsch has bridged the gap between a past dedicated to human health and a future where we may still be able to change course toward a sounder environment – and hence a healthier life – rather than destroying all prospects of it.

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